Land of taste and food is Lucknow. A paradise where foodies are born. Taste which are found here are matchless. Street food is awesomely mouth-watering. Let us talk about the heart of Lucknow, which is Hazratganj. The hub of everything in the best way. Be it food, clothes, style, Hazratganj is the incomparable.

Hazratganj has so much inside it since ages. Pack of treasures and if you really want to try the authentic taste of Lucknow, no better place but Hazratganj.

Since years there are some famous food joints ruling over. People have grown having the taste of these yummy food dishes. Let us peep of what eateries at Hazratganj is all about.


The city knows this place as a heaven for South Indian and Chinese dishes. There was a time when for Dosas and Vadas only Marksmen was remembered. Old days, there was no competition at all. Despite of many South Indian food joints opened up, the taste and name of Marksmen still have a proud existence. People go crazy and their Chinese tastes have developed and are even more delicious. Do try the vadas as well. Make sure to ask for a fresh one.

Jone Hing

It is famous for its authentic Chinese food. Based in Mahanagar, Jone Hing is well known throughout the city and people from far away the main city visit to take that unbeatable taste away with them. As there are not many authentic Chinese eateries around the city and this is the oldest, craze of Jone Hing never goes down. The fame has risen up. Just one competitor is Chung Fa at Mahanagar, but Jone Hing is managing well to stay up.

Chhedilal Shakes

The best place for summers. Go with your family and have cool shakes with bunch of varieties. These are lip – smacking as ever. Counting of the shake shops in town are on finger tips. So, among them, Chhedilal Shakes is still on top. Do not forget to try their Mango Shake. It is too luscious.

Bombay Pav Bhaji

Every kid in Lucknow knows about Bombay Pav Bhaji. We really do not know whether it is authentic or not, or whether they really have migrated from Bombay, but one thing is for sure, this is full of flavour. It is near to Cathedral convent and the best place for pav bhaji we must say. Since years, neither the taste of pav has changed nor bhaji. It is still the same. Yummy masala and lots of makhan. So, forget your diet plan for a while, and order a plate or two.

Sharma Ki Chai

Who do not know Sharma ki chai! Prapared over traditional tandoor, this place is famous as a discussion (or gossip) point. Be it youngsters, adults or oldies, they come and can sit for hours ordering chai back to back and sipping whole day. Do try its bun maska. Sharma Chai…the name says it all.

Shukla Chat House

Amazingly mouth-watering. Favourite sport for golgappa and chat lovers. Once you come to taste, then only you will realize the prominence of Shukla Chat house.

Keval aka MS Cafe

People call it by various names, keval or kevad, but what’s there in a name! This is a traditional chai place opened some 35 years back. OMG…more than 3 decades! Quite long time indeed. Well, the story is interesting. Actually, the tea chef from Sharma opened this café. People who are familiar with every corner and roadside stalls of Lucknow do not miss any chance to come here and get a tea sip. Tea at Keval is mind-blowing. The chef here knows how to measure the tea in cups and knows exactly what we want. A must go place for Chai lovers. 

Open Air Restaurant

Kaleji and grilled chicken is the USP. The roasted kaleji will bring your food craving to the maximum. Try it with the parathas and also the yummy biryani served here is the purest Awadhi Biryani. After too many years, this place is still a hit.

Chanakya Kulfi

Giving a tough competition to Prakash Kulfi, Chanakya Kulfi has its own following. Pure milk kulfi with loads of saffron and we bet you won’t find extracts of kulfi and so the kulfi here is a tummy-filler.