Who doesn’t know the deteriorating state of Lucknow’s traffic? People here are least interested to follow the traffic rules. Contrary to the ‘Tehzeeb’ of the city, the traffic is disregarded hugely. This is leading to accidents, rode rage which can certainly be avoided.

To solve the people’s attitude of overlooking the traffic, authorities have come with a terrific solution of IHTCS, which means- Integrated Hi-Tech Traffic Control System.

What’s that

It is a monitoring system which will supervise sharp-eyed. This advanced traffic system will spot the movement and will take note of every traffic rule broken, be it red-light cross or anything.  If you are wondering that what help they’ll be for us, then this is to inform you that once the system notes the rule-breakers, they’ll be served e-challans.

The project is the Lucknow Smart City initiative and all the crossings in the city will be equipped with this hi-tech system. These are already installed at the main crossings like Samtamulak Chowk, Sikanderabad Chauraha, etc.

The “perfect traffic” has been a myth all over. Reason being the bribe tendency in us, and the lack of administration attention cannot be forgotten. Thus, automatic set-up has brought hopes in our minds.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for its success and a safer city.