Must be aware of Lucknow’s famous phool-mandi! Do you know its address has been changed? Yes, it might be shocking but it’s true. Shocking because for decades, much before when we were born, it has stayed at Old-Lucknow Chowk. And we’ve been knowing this for so long. It has been shifted, we are sure for good, but it’s hard to digest the fact for now. 

200 years…OMG

You will be more surprised to know that this phool mandi is 200 years old. Every Lucknow-wala knows this Chowk ki phool mandi and rushed there early in the morning. You can now find it in the specially designed scape for them in Gomti Nagar in front of the One Awadh Mall at kisaan bazaar. Go there before the sun rises, and you’ll find hundreds of wholesalers of flowers waiting for you. The fragrance will make your day. 

The mark remains

The phool-mandi although shifted in October 2019, the wholesalers were not able to switch to the change easily and so they took a while. They now are shifting to the new address gradually. Still, few phool-walas have chosen to stay back in Chowk and are continuing to sell at the same place they have been doing for years. 

Locals too need some time 

Much like the wholesalers, the locals are not habitual of visiting the new place in search of the awesome flowers. They still like to stop their bikes in the Chowk roads. While some do not know about the new changed address, there are few who just don’t find patriotic visiting anywhere else but Chowk. (Funny! Or shall we say sensitive?)

Positive Note 

The new market is amazingly clean. Wide roads and ample of space. In spite of almost the same crowd, the new mandi is cleaner. You’ll find all the flowers you need, vibrant colors. Visit here and your morning will be exceptionally special.