Lucknow is about to witness the awesome and India’s biggest ever Defense Expo. Locals are waiting in so much eager, and at the same time officials are working really hard to make every bit of this huge Expo a memorable one.

You would be surprised to know that from around 70 countries, more than thousand companies are going to take part in here.

What will you see?

This Expo will bring for you sights of latest arms, communication for defense, aircrafts, habitat for soldiers, their food, protective gadgets and a lot.

You should definitely know these things

Here are few things you really need to know about this expo happening till 9th of February.

Straight from the military insides

Have you ever seen equipment used by military people? Here you will see them all. From around 70 countries, companies have taken part. You will see different types of weapon, and what not. Most important company is European Aircraft manufacturer that will be taking part. Airbus will be showcasing latest equipment with advanced technologies.

Daring dogs

Love dogs? You’ll see them in a different avatar at the venue. These are the hero daring dogs. You’ll watch them finding explosive devices and hideouts of terrorists. These military dogs will also amaze you with their shows of discipline. Here are mostly rotweilers, Labradors and german shepherds.

An opportunity to feel them

Our real heroes are soldiers. Isn’t it!  Here you can click selfies with their boats, you can feel their living as well. You will get the chance to fit in their shoes by experiencing how they survive and live in the border between all the tensions and so much to face.  Basically this Defense Expo will make you feel deep inside for them and how they fight for our safety.

Know Your Army

At Defense expo, there is a slot for public called “know your army”. People can take a tank ride, experience bunker life, feel cold weather and hot too.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance. Make sure to make the best of it. You will get to see  Javelin Anti-Tank Guided Missile System. Latest military equipment at the Lucknow expo.

Take back memory home

As we said, this is one in a lifetime opportunity, you would definitely want to take that memory back home with you. For this, organizers will give you a momento. With this take souvenirs with you, pens, diaries, caps and so many things you would love.

See you there!