Steps to combat COVID
The new coronavirus COVID-19 has taken a serious toll on the whole world. This pandemic has taken many lives and is still at its active stage in most countries. Many of us are glued to the news, concerned for our loved ones and adapting our lives with the changes that this pandemic is bringing around us.

Like other cities, Lucknow is also facing the adversities of this pandemic taking the total number of positive cases to 8. Therefore, the Government officials have extended the shutdown of all Educational Institutes, Cinema Halls, Multiplexes, Clubs, Discos, Swimming Pools and Tourist Spots till further notice.

Moreover, in his address speech on 20th March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, announced a Janta Curfew on Sunday in which he requested everyone to voluntarily stay indoors from 9:00 am to 7 pm to check the spread of Coronavirus. In fact, all public transport will be suspended and all markets and shops will be closed except for those dealing in essential items.

We at Lajawaab Lucknow also urge you to not go anywhere tomorrow unless it’s very much urgent. Stay indoors and help the Government in this important initiative. Moreover, your health is of utmost importance so stay indoors, safe and do not panic.

Besides participating in the Janta Curfew, you can also take care of yourself and the ones around you by following these simple steps:

Use Simple Social Distancing Tactics

Steps to combat COVID

This might sound a bit weird, but social distancing is one of the major tactics to keep you and the people around you safe.

Avoid public gatherings as much as possible. Avoid handshaking and hugging each other because this virus can be easily transferred via social contact. Instead, you can say them Namaste or Hi them from a distance. 

Maintain a safe distance from people, stay indoors and practise self-isolation even if you do not have any health problems.

Social isolation can be lonely so to curb this text, phone call or skype the person you want to talk to. Do not feel lonely and start cheering each other via calls and video chats.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Steps to combat COVID

COVID-19 is a grounded virus and can stay anywhere for hours. So, it becomes essential that you wash your hand frequently for at least 20 seconds using a proper soap or hand wash.

You can follow the WHO guidelines on how to properly wash hands to prevent the spread of the virus. Check it here.

You should also use alcohol-based hand sanitizer to reduce the risk of catching certain infections.

Do Not Touch Your Face, Mouth And Eyes 

Wear protection mask

We all know how many times we end up touching our face, mouth and eyes even without knowing. This can lead to transferring viruses from your hands to your body via your eyes, mouth or nose.

So make sure to avoid touching your face with your hands. We know it’s a difficult practice but it will keep you safe in the long run. Also, ask others to do the same. You can also wear mask to protect yourself from virus.

Combat Misinformation Online

Combat misinformation

A lot of misinformation on COVID-19 has been floating around online. Make sure to combat such misinformation by not sending out unnecessary and random information to people all the time. Check the credibility of the message and only then share it with others. Spreading fake news will only increase panic. You can get your information from trusted sources like the World Health Organization and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India

And Please stop hoarding your house with all the essentials!

Steps to combat COVID

Prepare for what essentials you will need if quarantined but curb the urge to hoard all the essentials like sanitizers, soaps, toilet papers, food items etc. If we want a better world, we should make sure to look after the needs of the community around us. Share simple things with others and keep everyone’s happiness in mind. Only then, we all can stay safe and content.


Do not panic

Coronavirus has left all of us in a state of constant anxiety and panic. But remember that Hope is the best thing in the world and there are people recovering as well. Lucknow also saw its first recovery today and eventually, we will see more recoveries in the coming time. So just stay indoors, look after your community, spread positivity around and pray for good times ahead.

Let’s support each other in such difficult times so that we can witness a better tomorrow.