Lucknow and Urdu have a different and a deep bond since ages. Being the city of Nawabs the significance of Urdu can be understood. Above all Lucknow is a city of literature and poetry, the writers of this age still have the essence of Urdu in their rich poetic treasures.

Lucknow, get ready for an untouched facet…the writers’ hub with Rekhta foundation are all set to bring Lucknow with the finest and the biggest poetic occasion “Shaam-e-rekhta.” All we are going to feel the nazm, ghazals and beautiful shayaris of all times, the evening is going to be mesmerizing we bet.  

People from all the genres will be walking in the event to celebrate the poems, nazms and ghazals.  

2 poetic segments

Shaam-e-rekhta will comprise two parts, Nazm-e-bahaar and Shayar aur Shayari. The focus is going to be love, harmony, togetherness and ofcourse, cheers to life. Every line here is going to keep you involved and the evening will be eternal in your memories.

Shaam-e-rekhta is one of its kind and a joy of poetry and language one should attend if in Lucknow and if in love with Lucknow. The charm of poetry and Urdu is to be found here. The glorious evening invites you.

The event is on 19th October at Urdu Academy, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar.