Nothing great than catching up shows and that too live stand-ups. Woohoo, Lucknow is having them. This month is going to be great. Three awesome shows lined up back to back and we can’t be calm.

First things first, Punit Pania will be here on the 28th of this month to burst us in load laughter. Be there sharp at 8 in Bombay Remix if you don’t wanna miss the chance to see him and to laugh loud.  Amidst the daily hustle-bustle, let’s hop on to a place where fun, jokes, wittiness lies, and also a light mood.  Rush to the venue to know more about the tickets and booking ways.

The blast is yet to be

The desi humor boy Pratyush Chaubey will be here in the city at Bombay Remix. Snort will laughter with is quite relatable dialogues and simple yet funny jokes. The moment Pania leaves, Chaubey will be ready to grace you up. This is a fun time and a moment not at all to be missed.

Tune-up with Jass Manak

You love desi-punjabi music? Jass Manak is coming to tune you up. The singer of famous numbers viah, suit Punjabi, lahanga and so many superhits songs is arriving Lucknow for to gift you a memorable evening. Rush to Flying Saucer café in Lucknow on 28th February, and move your steps for a rocking and rolling night concert experience.