Once the artists quit the stage, they are forgotten in no time. But this is never going to happen with Late Begum Akhtar. A star that still shines and will keep twinkling forever. She rules the hearts of music lovers and is a queen of classical music. In Lucknow, being her place, she is missed and her soul-stirring voice is unfaded here. Today, 30th Oct is her Death Anniversary and we the Lucknowites pay homage to Late Begum Akhtar via a musical Ghazal night remembering her from the core of our hearts.

Today at Sangeet Natak Academy in Gomti Nagar near to Fun Mall, a musical event of Thumri and Ghazal is going to happen in the memory of Begum Akhtar. Famous folk singer from Lucknow Malini Awasthi will be presenting her performance. Famous artists from Lucknow shall be attending the event to pay homage to Late Begum Akhtar.

Memories down the lane

Student of Begum Akhtar, Shanti Hiranand has contributed her efforts to build a memory of Begum Sahiba in Lucknow. Where everyone just remembers her name, she wanted the city to have a special place where the new generation could see and sense her importance. She with her fellows teamed up to restore her grave which has been forgotten in Thakurganj and revisit her work. 

Begum Akhtar who was originally born in Faizabad passed way in 1974 at the age of 60 and was buried next to her mother, Mushtari Sahiba.  Begum Akhtar’s sad demise happened when she was performing at a stage in Ahmedabad. This mishappening left everyone in shock. Shanti’s effort looked up after the Sadbhavana Trust of Lucknow came on board.

Never interested in formal education

Begum Akhtar was named Akhtari when born. She was a notorious child and wasn’t interested enough in schooling. A narrative about her says that once she dared to cut off her teacher’s plait and refused to go to school after this. From an early age, she was only interested in music. Having a singer mom, she had this in her DNA. Her mother Mushtari Sahiba trained her and at the age of 8, Begum Akhtar started her initial training from Ustad Imdad Khan and then later from Ustad Ata Mohammed Khan. Khan Sahab was in-depth impressed by Akhtari and later decided to move to Mushtari’s house to train Akhtari. 

Begum Akhtar as a Teacher

Begum Akhter when she starts training the music lovers, she never charged a penny. She also held a position at Bhatkhande College of Music in Lucknow.  Begum Akhtar WAS, IS and ALWAYS will be a shining star of Lucknow and alive in the hearts of music lovers.