Lucknow is purely a foodie hub, and it’s not new. It has been this way for decades. The rich history of the city primarily includes chefs and cooks on its pages who have made food heritage here.

Go and meet any Lucknowite who stay outside for work or study, ask what they miss the most and “Food” will be the first answer on their tongue.  

As winters are approaching, Lucknow has a lot in its menu to offer. We are presenting 7 delicacies that we just can’t wait to grab. Our mouth is already watered…

Bhuni Kaleji

If you have ever been to Lucknow, you would know what we are talking about. Bhuni Kaleji is a tempting dish perfect for chilly winters. A plateful of roasted or fried kaleji Is enough to fill your tummy. It undoubtedly has an acquired taste. 

You may find it in Aminabad at Raju Bhai ki Kaleji,” it is near to Tunday Kababi. Another point is in Chowk at Akbari Gate where you will get authentic Bhuni Kaleji. Relish the smokey taste with a handful plate of Kaleji and thank us later. 

Kali Gajar ka Halwa

Kali Gajar ka Halwa is a unique delicacy of Lucknow. Carrots which are black or dark purple in color are peeled and shredded. They are then mixed with milk, sugar and lots of nuts. Cooked for hours, this delicacy is the one you cannot resist. Best for your winter evening snack.

Cardamom, saffron, nuts and is milky awesomeness makes it out of the world dish. You may find it at Chowk in Radhey Lal and other famous sweet points here. 

Paaye Ka Shorba

This is another succulent dish you can go for in winter. This Shorba is made of paaya and other essential herbs and spices. The richness of paaya makes you heavy and satisfied inside out. This is thick and has fat and a perfect soup for winters. If it had in the morning, it will keep you charged the whole day.   

Near Alambagh bus stand in Chander Nagar you can find this tempting shorba or soup. Have as much as you want. It won’t harm!

Makhan Malai

We don’t need to describe it. Do we? The first and the last love of Lucknow Foodies is Makhan Malai. No matter at what corner of the country Lucknow people reside. They will make sure to visit at least once to have a tummy full of Makhan malai.

This is a soft, foamy and creamy dessert available only in winters made from milk, sugar, saffron, cardamom, etc. You can name it a winter delicacy. It looks like a yellow cloud and melts in your mouth instantly.  

It is not found anywhere but in Lucknow. Replicas are sold in cities like Delhi, Kanpur, etc. But the real flavour is here at our City. 

Makhan Malai is found everywhere in Lucknow but for the best one visit at Chowk, Akbari Gate. They are delicious. 

Kashmiri Chai (Noon Chai)

This Kashmiri taste is found in lucknow at Kashmiri Chai mohalla near Nematkhana. It is made with Kashmiri tea leaves and is boiled for hours to get that exotic flavour. 

This Kashmiri Chai is also known as Noon Chai or Pink tea. Noon means salt. In the preparation of Kashmiri Chai a tinge of salt is added, and hence it got this name- Noon Chai. When in the city, this is something definitely to try.  

Jouzi Halwa

Jouzi Halwa is another winter dish exclusively from Lucknow. Sprout wheat is mixed with milk and then khoya is added. Lastly nuts are added as a topping. This Halwa keeps you away from chilling making your body warm. and is a tummy-filler.

A bite surely one should have in the winters. 


Winters are the best time to enjoy Nihari but however, it is available throughout the year. Nihari is of Paaya and is the best meal when paired with sheermaal. Enjoy this exotic dish at Old Lucknow. 

Nihari is made with bone broth and is cooked for hours. Its curry includes herbs that make the dish delicious and paaya makes you full and charged throughout the day. Head to Raheem or Mubeen in Old Lucknow for the best Nihari.