Kids now need an environment to develop their brains and personality to the full. Lucknow is all set to gear up for motivating the kids for a brighter future by preparing them from the beginning, by playing and learning with their peers, then they will be able to catch on quickly. After all, early learning and development can make or break your child.

When children come together and socialize, then they can be able to form long term bonds with one another. The best way to bring children together is through a play group. Your child will certainly benefit from interaction with peers and teachers, physical skills and of course, they will learn problem-solving and everything about it.

Well, if you reside in Lucknow and have been contemplating on taking your child to a play school, make sure that you choose from this incredible list:

  1. Shemrock Group of Preschools

There are many play schools in Lucknow, but Shemrock is unique in its own way because it has the most child-friendly and amazing environment. Setting the highest bar when it comes to preschools, Shemrock focuses on offering the kind of answers to the questions that your child’s inquisitive mind may have. Boasting the ‘best school of the year’ title, you can be sure that enrolling your child here is the best decision that you will ever make.

  1. Kidzee

This is one of the largest play schools in the whole of India. Kidzee has made its mark by offering great preschool or play school care. The school has up to 1350 branches in hundreds of cities. It is safe to say that Kidzee knows exactly what it is doing. Committed to success, all children who pass through this program are known to have unique potential. This is because the teachers tap beyond your kid’s smarts. They are known to focus on individual interests and capabilities. If you are looking for a play school with great potential then this is it.

  1. EuroKids

With a slogan like, ’your child’s second home’, you can rest assured that your little one will be right at home when they are at EuroKids. As a school that has been in existence for over a decade and a half, you can trust this fun-based environment to impart the knowledge that your child needs. The play school motto is ‘child first’, this lets you know that everything about children is taken under consideration. This level of engagement makes EuroKids an amazing play school.

  1. Pretty Petals Schools

This is a school that operates from real-world experiences. The kids who attend this playschool are not focused on only reading books, instead, the teachers go out of their way to ensure that your child can cope with real situations. After all, knowledge should not only be restricted to reading a book. Children are quick learners, therefore, your child will be able to learn rather quickly. Pretty petals focuses on creativity through arts and crafts, as well as children activities that are done both indoors and outdoors. The learning environment in this school will make your child feel loved and supported.

  1. My School

Children who are eighteen months to four years old will surely enjoy what My School has to offer. This award-winning preschool is exactly what you need to propel your child to the next level. The mental and physical well-being of your child is paramount here.  Apart from being a play school, My School also serves as daycare, where you can safely leave your child, confident in the fact that they will be taken care of in the best possible way. The minute you enter this school, you will be overtaken by a nurturing environment.